The Philosophy Of Philosotree

The Core Principle…”Where value for money and high quality of service IS the Philosophy of Philosotree”…

Philosotree is a proactive business in its own right and forms micro co-ops with other local business and customers to deliver awesome ‘joined up’ services and delivery to its customers. Philosotree is also in development to be a beautiful flexible business and place of work for its employees and is just about to create its first employment and training opportunities… more of that to come later… But what’s quite special is that Philosotree is unique in that the folk behind it wish it to be a success for more than just ‘profit’.

Philosotree is the only company I currently know that is quite open about its ‘spiritual’ roots, that isn’t odd or requiring any strange principles. It’s just open, honest and doing things in a very unique way.

Why the name Phi- loso- tree? 

The story behind Philosotree is a long-standing one that has developed along with me over the years and is based upon a really genuine and personal ‘spiritual’ place. It’s well worth reading more about my story here… 

Philosotree treeThe philosophy of Philosotree is really simple and really links to my spiritual life understandings. For me the nature of a living and growing tree really gives a beautiful metaphor for so many aspects of life and how to ensure both spiritual and professional success, even establishing a business model!

With Philosotree I drew a quick drawing and played with words on the back of an envelope about what a Philosotree would look like if it were a tree, and worked with a few ideas… here is what came out:

You may have noticed the ‘P’ in my logo isn’t a normal P at all…

Logo 2

Well… I will let you into a little secret… the P is the symbol for Phi which is a symbol for the golden ratio. The golden ratio is found throughout nature and is phenomenal to observe. Mix this with the allegory of the tree and you have something very special indeed.

Sunflower phi Pyramid_phi 64087339939 phi plant

phi plant 2 phi cabbage egypt phi

download (3) teeth phi garden

Loso or Logos …

Meaning a type of way, see this link…


The tree is very allegorical to so many things but here is my application:

The soil… my skills, ambition drive and motivation

The roots… the passion to do something from a spiritual, loving place for the business world, showing and inspiring others  what can, could be and is being done (on my part) to deliver a very, VERY unique and conscious business. I truly believe that businesses now need to be conscious of their impact and of what benefits they have, not only towards the planet, but their footprints upon employees and customers. My drive for Philosotree to come from my roots is an example of how it CAN be! Putting people and places before profit and respecting the change in the world we’d all like to see.

The tree… the tree really symbolises the external and physical work that Philosotree does. Its trunk: the knowledge and physical skills; the branches: the types of work offered, where that work is done, and who for.  The leaves: completed jobs or invoices that help the tree (or business) grow, get stronger and become more mature. As the leaves fall off they fall to the ground, turn to compost and feed the tree.

The fruit… Philosotree is NOT a cash cow, but to me a well respected growing ‘thing’. Picking and eating its fruit, aka ‘wages’, comes with a very high respect for the process of the whole tree’s nature in growing its own fruit… Delicious!!!

The sky and the elements… the sky really symbolises the potential through which it can grow and fill the empty space, and what its purpose will be in demonstrating its model to others. The elements are symbolic of the conditions that affect the ‘above ground’ nature of the tree; for example, a high wind may snap a branch off, like someone may purposefully not pay an invoice.

People and the tree… Philosotree has a really special bunch of folk involved in it and supporting the concepts Philosotree has. In fact if it wasn’t for a few really caring and supportive folk the seed of Philosotree would haven’t got started… it was just in the wrong soil and a pot that was too small! You could look at Philosotree as a tree with lots of caring folk around it, sitting at its base, just enjoying watching it grow, protecting it and making sure the tree has all it needs.

The tree’s eco system… The tree has a unique set of mutually beneficial  animals and creatures that help each other out. As with all beautiful trees, they provide mutual support and, equally, are an attractive place to be. Philosotree has a beautiful network of communication with its cohabitants who look out for each other and help each of us play, work and rest.

I’m a true believer in symbolism, and to tie it all in to Philosotree so neatly, I’m absolutely sure Philosotree will continue to be the success it already is.

If you’d like to know a little more or have me pop in to take a look at your garden then get in touch here…