Environmental Statement

Philosotree is committed to preservation and protection of the environment and promoting sustainable, sympathetic, advantageous development which benefits nature and the natural environment.

Philosotree is responsible in its part for providing an inherent infrastructure of conscious processes and actions to reduce, where possible, environmental impacts, and notes its obligations with respect to preservation and assistance. This shall include:

  • A conscious selection process in its daily activities and choices in regard to ALL aspects of its working practises, product selection, contract delivery,  and end of life of selected products.
  • The inclusion of sustainability principles in its business practices and service delivery.
  • Considering the procurement and operational activities of suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Considering the direct impact of long term effects of landscape design elements of work including the current and future effects of any works completed upon the landscape and ecological biodiversity.
  • Consciously selecting work practises, equipment and materials that provide reduced impact upon the environment.
  • Reviewing this policy regularly to ensure that environmental issues arising from new developments and changes to legislation are properly considered.

Garry White, Owner, Philosotree, July 2014