Garden waste and garden rubish clearance leicestershire and rutland

Waste Removal

Garden waste removal…

Philosotree separates and disposes all of its wastes to best suit the best advantage of environment.

We deal in two aspects of work when it comes to waste away from anyone’s home, Either green waste or inert waste is dealt with as two very different things.

Garden or ‘green waste’ is quite an important part of the natural cycle of nature so care is taken for how its dealt with. Our green waste is taken to our local waste processing plant where over a course of two years its broken down in to usable clean compost of soil dressing.

Meanwhile, inert wastes that don’t break down or naturally rot are taken to another plant for environmentally dealing with the waste types from metals to concrete, plastics and nasty stuff like foam, tyres etc.

We van help you if you have either a mountain of garden rubbish that needs clearing or a equal mountain of non decomposable rubbish from home, garden or shed…

We cost subject to loading time and weight and dispose via our waste transfer licence or trade only commercial waste transfer stations.

If you have a waste problem you want to get resolved then get in-touch with us here…