Gardening training for Leicestershire, learn how to garden your own garden


Honestly, gardening isn’t that hard… You can only kill something once…

Despite a popular belief that gardening is some how a mystery it isn’t… Yeah years worth of service throughout Leicestershire and Rutland has brought invaluable experience about landscapes, plants and growing and all manner of stuff your garden will ever need.

In all truth a lot of folk get into trouble with gardening just by thinking about it… there’s just a element of fear that creeps in of killing something or doing damage. yeah, true to some extent but its hard work to kill something off. you will only kill it once.

The thing is… everyone has the potential to be a green-fingered God or Goddess in their own gardens, all it takes is a little insight in to what’s in your garden now and how to deal with it and make it better, just a little guidance or a full on bespoke to your garden training session goes along way of giving you the tools to create and maintain your own garden.

So from looking after your own to growing your own I can help.

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How does it work?

Everyone’s garden is vastly different, from set out, soil types, existing planting, pests and desires but ultimately WHAT YOU DESIRE FROM IT.

Any training is done on an personal one on one style and unique to your OWN garden… I bring all my tools as well as my knowledge so we can work together on the garden for a few hours so you can get to better grips with what you have. Hopefully in just a few hours, you’ll have all the basics you’d need to know for your own garden and hopefully some idea where you can take it in the coming years.

I can teach you about your garden, how to look after your plants, lawn even your growing patches and safe use of power tools in your own garden. You can even gift it to a family member perhaps for a birthday experience or wedding gift.

There is a easier way…

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