Landscaping in leicestershire

Landscape Creation

Whatever the size or shape garden you have or the flare you’d like to finish it with I should be only to glad to see where I can help.

Small things to big play things… I’m more than happy to look at small projects or simple landscape repair jobs right through to larger scale new build work, play installation or a full garden refit.

Bespoke hand finished flower decking Builder of play equipment natural nursery play spaces hand created slides and play houses in leicestershire

We’d be more than happy to use Philosotree services again in the future, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to family and friends”… Mrs K, Desborough

Bespoke… I hand craft things from sheds, summer houses, paving, planting to hand finished decorative decking, fire pits and bread ovens, and BBQs. I deal mainly with smaller bespoke projects requiring multiple skills and experience. and use a range of beautiful reclaimed materials. This unique combination gives my customers a very bespoke project and something the neighbours wont be able to duplicate.

Where my clients request larger projects I team up with Tony Kerr Garden Design and deliver a co-operative landscape project. Our joint client receives and enjoys such a squarer, encompassing deal and on a practical note brings more and more collective experience and extremely valuable knowledge to your garden making more things possible.

installation of post and rial, feather edge or bespoke fencing types Leicestershire natural stone paving instillation Safe gardens for children with play equipment nursery age children

Fixing the little things to make the big things brilliant. 

I also fix the simple things like broken wobbly paving slabs, sinking block paving and pea gravel paths/driveways and retaining walls and fencing. It is well worth getting small jobs fixed early not just to keep on top of cost of more extensive repair or injury prevention but just to keep the aesthetics of the garden spot on.

How does it work? 

Its really simple… you get in touch and I will come an see you. We will discuss what you’d like to see in your project and how we can deliver it to the best advantage.

I go away and do the work which can take a day, week or two weeks depending on complexity to get you the design and estimating done.

I normally then arrange to  deliver my landscaping projects in by hand and discuss elements of the design, quote or possible options and bring any samples.

You take some time…. it needs to work for you! honestly I give you loads of time  and space so you can relax and figure your choices. During this time your free to call and discuss any aspects of the project, re-design or change specification.

Once your happy and you check you can REALLY AFFORD IT… then we discuss delivery dates, capital deposits  and get the project moving.

We install the project with a open door to changes or alterations. We then run the snagging process (below) and run you through any maintenance aspects you need to know and hand over any instructions, certificates or paperwork for products or elements of work.

Then I look after you with my guarantee  

I am a believer that the RIGHT JOB for you has to be RIGHT FOR YOU… I include in the details of my quote  all that’s required to deliver the perfect job.

  • Any design work
  • Quote details
  • Quote reference options description
  • Description of work
  • Elements of work included or not included
  • Where the work will be delivered
  • How the work will be delivered
  • How long the work will take to complete
  • Lead time
  • Other considerations for the project
  • The snagging process
  • My guarantee
  • A care plan and advice
  • Deposits required
  • Final payment

100% Happy…The snagging process…

Once I feel the work is complete. I will give you some time to take a look around with me and look at the delivered project. If we find nothing we can sign it off… YAY!!!! If you spot anything you are not happy with or see something I have missed we write a list and get the list complete there and then or plan a return visit at your convenience.

How do I get in-touch or make a appointment with you?

Just click here…