Gardening and Landscaping Leicester

Ecological & Organic Gardens & Greenspace Maintenance

Philosotree offers a comprehensive organic and ecologically sensitive gardening and greenspace   management and maintenance package to suit you AND nature…

One of the staples of Philosotree is our garden and greenspace management and maintenance services. You don’t have to worry about a thing and nor does nature…

“She felt the price paid was worth every penny” Mrs K, Northants

What is ‘Ecological’ and ‘Organic’ garden and greenspace management and maintenance?

Its really simple… we employ a vast array of ‘cutrual’ methods

How’s it work? 

Really easy and simple, you get in-touch and I will normally come out and see you and your garden for free and workout what you want from me and how you’d like your garden keeping. We do this at a time that suits you. We take about 15-30 minutes just to discuss what YOU would like from me and options I can offer you and your garden.

What would the options be?

  • I offer either One Off quoted services if you need me just the once.
  • Flexi Time, where regular visits are calculated upon a inclusive hourly rate, with cost given for any optional but irregular extras. any extra spend is agreed BEFORE anything extra is done. Before we start our work together, we BOTH agree a cap on maximum hours and additional costs. I then invoice on a weekly/monthly basis for EXACTLY what I have done.
  • I also offer Inclusive Maintenance Plans which includes all you will need for your garden. It can be very basic maintenance based or be inclusive of seasonal beading, lawn care, fence painting… the list goes on. This service is normally invoiced in advance. Don’t worry, you can add to or cancel your contract at any time as long as it not in arrears and your account is clear.

How would you deliver our garden services? 

Simple… we agree on a day of the week/month and a am or pm slot. As best I can, I hold to a very tight programme of service delivery. If I am help up or waylaid by weather I WILL let you know and reschedule as soon as possible.

What if we are not in when when you are?

No major problem… the majority of my customers provide me a key to provide me access to the garden plus any outbuildings if needed. All keys are non identifiable by any ID other than a Key Number to keep you as safe as possible. All keys are returned once works are complete.

“I have been to Leicester today and are really pleased with the works that you have completed, good job done. The meadow land looks the best I have ever seen it.”… Rose, Leicester

Who do I work for? 

I work for people who like tidy, pleasing spaces including…

  • Private home/estate owners, tenants and landlords
  • Commercial and industrial office spaces and utility areas
  • Private schools
  • Care and Residential homes
  • Warden controlled properties
  • Estate agents and letting agencies

What services do you cover under maintenance?  

I cover just about everything including the front gate and fencing. I deal with a range of gardens from very simple lawns and simple planting boarders right through to mature complex gardeners which demand a high level of horticultural knowledge.

What equipment/materials/supplies do you have?

Everything that’s needed… anything special will be noted within your quote and/or agreement.

Do you take our rubbish away? 

Yes all rubbish is taken way and disposed of. Our garden waste does not end up in land fill! its all taken to registered commercial recycling centres and  ends up as compost. Other waste that is non decomposable ends up at other commercial centres for recycling.

How qualified are you?

I’ve now been in landscape, gardens and play for 21 years. I have may various roles and professional qualifications and training but more core focus throughout the years has been horticulture and landscape. Take a look at My CV page for more info.

How do I get in-touch or make a appointment?

Just click here…