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Ahhh trees… Philosotree takes care of all types of tree work from Apples to Oaks, but specialises in Conifer shaping and topping and removal of Leylandii type of hedging. Conifers have to be the number one tree/plant for upsetting and causing problems with neighbours and if not properly maintained, soon get out hand and creating other problems for neighbours and structural defects like lifting paving, foundations, killing off below planting, altering soil PH and just making a mess.

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“He stuck to his word”…Ken P Wigston

Since the early 80’s conifers have been a quick and cheap quick fix planting, but without consideration to how quickly they can get away from their owners. In the right place they are brilliant homes for many nesting bords so we do choose our time wisley before carring out any work.

Not to worry we can help… its always best to keep a conifer hedge in its minimum size from the out set just by giving it one or two trims per season. Like many conifer owners though, some are just allowed to  get away and cause havoc. If left too long a £150 job per season can become £1500 Job in 5-8 years time!

If you have conifer problems or worries its worth talking to us first….

Tree Care Tree Surgery Leicestershire Rutland Philosotree Abourist stump grinding stump removal Tree Care Tree Surgery Leicestershire Rutland Philosotree Abourist stump grinding stump removal ariel tree workAs for other trees and hedges we can sort them out too… No matter the size or condition of the tree or if its subject to a Tree Preservation Order we can help. We don’t just take trees out just for the hell of it. If we can offer an alternative to the problem we will look at that also. We have our tree climber to tackle the most complex of tree dismantling and even stump grinding.

We can also look at restarting certain plants and hedging so they come back new, pollard or coppice other varieties of trees and hedging plants.

All our green waste is sorted and put to good use… to find out more see here…

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